Very simply, fluid is our time of corporate worship on Sunday mornings at 10am at the Creasman home . It is not ‘church’. It is the church coming together to worship the Eternal One, the God who existed before time and space, the Great “I AM.” It is a time for the “called out ones” to gather together.

We do different types of “worship” each week. Our worship band plays many mornings, but not all. At various times, our worship has also included coloring/arts and crafts, dancing, sharing a “Love Feast,” mornings of silence, mornings of focused prayer and hearing updates from missionaries we support. We will take Sunday mornings to do service projects such as creating special gifts for the elderly, gifts boxes for military or home made Bible bookmarks to insert in Bibles we bought for Christian aid societies.
fluid is for anyone who is hungry for an authentic time of worship, without the trappings or feel of an institution.

fluid is for: believers from all walks coming to worship and glorify God; seekers hungry for spiritual truth coming to see what the excitement is all about.


. . . because you’ve never seen the world as it really is until you’ve been blinded by God like never before.

. . . because nothing brings more security than being totally surrendered to the will of God.

. . . because when our worship stills in silence, you can still hear the cries of a thirsty world.

. . . because in seeking and experiencing the ancient ways, we understand our today better

. . . because dying is living and giving is gaining.

. . . because you cannot be told, you must experience this reality firsthand.

. . . because sometimes you need to be reminded that you are not alone.

. . . because in the community of worship, you discover who you really are.

. . . because nothing should be louder than our silent awe in the face of a holy God.

. . .because it’s not a religious event, but an experience in touching the Eternal One and having Him touch us.

. . . because we need the rejuvenation that the worship brings us in order to continue the pilgrimage to a life enjoying the streaming brilliant sunlight of His love.

. . . because there is nothing more than Jesus.


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