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our story

“In the beginning…”

…we kicked around several ideas: start a coffeehouse, buy and run a bar, do a live ‘Letterman’ style show.

Numinous emerged from the convergence of several strands of faith through different people in 1998. Carl & Kim Creasman felt God’s leadership in early 1998 to start a ministry aimed at reaching dissatisfied and spiritually disengaged young adults. Chris Delaney and Matthew Porter joined Carl and Kim and spent the following year in prayer about direction. Carl and Kim travelled to England in early 1999 to investigate a spiritual movement happening within the young adult generation, a movement connected to community and worship music (seen through leaders like Delirious and Matt Redman).

In September 1999, a group of spiritually hungry people began meeting in the Creasman’s home in Winter Park, a gathering that would eventually be dubbed “Bliss.” After just a few months together, the group (about 15 strong) wanted to host an open worship event.

In March 2000, that worship service was born with a unique methodology: a spare, un-produced, rough, exuberant and real flow of the Holy Spirit. The corporate worship time was named “fluid,” a reference to its unstructured approach and a Word from God to Carl, based around Luke 5:1-11. Carl was perhaps the most unenthused about starting a worship service, so he spent weeks in prayer seeking confirmation. On a Sunday morning in late January 2000, he was reading in The Message and was prompted to open Luke 5 where editor Eugene Peterson had entitled the section “Push out into Deep Water.” Carl came away convinced that God wanted Numinous to start fluid.

Since the start, Numinous has believed in a theology of community, of God’s call to the large unity of the body of Christ. As evidence, we have never attempted to own our own property, but rather partnered with other believers. Our first most important partner was Cornerstone Community Church, led then by Paul Cornwell. Through Paul’s partnership, we used their meeting facilities to hold fluid on Sunday nights. We first met on 17/92, then helped Cornerstone find a new facility on Howell Branch Road, the Slovak Gardens facility. In 2002, we moved with Cornerstone to Tuskawilla Road on the edge of Oveido, located between Red Bug and Aloma roads. In 2009, Cornerstone merged with Odyssey Church to form Lifepointe Church, led by Byron Kirkpatrick, an old friend of Carl’s from back when both worked in college student ministry in the mid-90s.
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the basics

We believe there is one God, existing co-eternally and co-equally in three distinct persons: the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. God is the creator of all that exists, and He alone is worthy of worship.

Jesus Christ

We believe in the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ and the only Son of God. According to the scriptures, He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, performed miracles, died on a cross as the substitutionary atonement for man’s sin, rose bodily from the dead, ascended to heaven and one day will physically return to earth in power and glory for believers in Christ.

Holy Spirit

We believe in the deity and personality of the Holy Spirit who offers regeneration to unbelievers, indwells believers, and enables us to live godly lives.


We believe that the Bible represents God’s communication to people, is complete as written, and is authoritative for our lives today.


We believe that God established a gathering of followers of Jesus, to be “the called out ones.” This concept is identified in the English language as “the church,” and is described as the “Body of Christ” with Jesus as the head.


We believe that man was created in the image of God, but because of sin, was alienated from God. Jesus is the only way to Salvation and only through the grace of God can a person be restored to a right relationship with God and be assured of eternity in heaven.

explaination of our vision for corporate gathering

Numinous’ theology centers on the simple concept of trying to take 1st century philosophies and apply them in the 21st century. We believe the Bible represents God’s communication, is complete as written, and is authoritative for our lives today. Thus, what it tells us the church, the idea of “believers” joining together, should do together is ALL we should do.
Acts 2:42-47 lays out the foundation of what the collected “body of Christ” should do together. It starts with a list of four main activities that the church should be devoted: the apostles’ teaching (i.e., study of the Word of God), koinania (deep fellowship with a devotion akin to marriage intimacy), breaking of bread (historically seen as code phrase meaning “worship” since the Lord’s Supper is always at the center of worship), and prayer (the collective enjoined in speaking and listening to God collectively).

From this list of four main activities, Numinous has used various methods to create a platform, a time and place, to pull off all 4 things. Starting in 2013, fluid became our only corporate meeting time as we sought to highlight the REST of the Acts 2 list, which includes many other activities the church is to do which happen outside of any formal corporate gathering.

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we value…
  • …God as the setter of definitions; it’s never about “me being right,” it’s always about being Biblical.
  • …a real relationship with a real God as the purpose of our creation.
  • …submission to God; obedience to His will is critical for our lives.
  • …Church as a spiritual community based on the Bible living in modern culture.
  • …Jesus’ commandment for the church to love one another as He loved us.
  • …that Jesus’ prayer for the church was for unity (believers existing in harmony).
  • …that the church has a dual mission: to edify believers and reach out to bring non-believers to God.
  • …investing in relationships within the church as vital.
  • …church as a safe place (respect, honesty, humility and communicating truth with love) as being important to our relationships with one another.
  • …the words of St. Francis of Assisi, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
  • …that “loving one another” is about more than merely fulfilling a series of obligations.
  • …that the mission for the individual believer is to share God’s love.
  • …fellow human beings, as we were all created by God.
  • …respecting and accepting believers and non-believers alike who would wish to journey along with us in the pursuit of a relationship with God.
  • …that our growth in God should be evident in our lives.
  • …living simply since God owns everything.
  • …the worship of God in not just music but many different forms.
  • …prayer as a necessity.
  • …that a believer should be in constant communion with God.
  • …that God has us in his hands.
  • …the idea that God can and does use what the world sees as weak, foolish, or otherwise unusable.
  • …excellence for Christ as being worth the worldly price (in time, in financial cost or in personal sacrifice).
  • …the idea of devotion to one another as a Biblical command, not merely an option.
  • …letting it be what it becomes rather than forcing our own ideas upon God.

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carlCarl E. Creasman Jr is the founder and “senior pastor” of Numinous Church. A fourth generation pastor, Carl has been in active ministry for over 23 years. A Christian since age 7, Carl was active in church service in several areas including choirs, Bible drill, RA ministry, youth & college leadership. In college, Carl participated in various groups like Baptist Student Union, The Wesley Foundation, and Campus Crusade for Christ. After finishing his Masters of Arts in History from Auburn University, Carl worked with New Life Ministry in Raleigh, NC on a traveling evangelistic mission team whose primary focus was children. During this time, Carl ministered in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina while completing his Masters of Divinity in 1992 from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Since Seminary, God has had Carl serving in various roles such as a traveling communicator, evangelist, retreat speaker and youth pastor. His gifting is in the area of communication and since the mid-1980s, Carl has continued to pursue this calling as a communicator for God via several avenues. His travel as a speaker has taken him from Seattle to North Carolina and New Mexico to the Northeast. One wonderful memory was preaching at a church in Concrab, Haiti while on a mission service trip. Carl also communicates via the written word and through music. As a musician and worship leader, Carl has participated in the release of 6 CDs, both with the worship band of Numinous and a band formed from within the ministry, Anodyne. Carl’s writings are evident here on the site and in other self-published books. Finally, in keeping with his theological position of “blooming where you are planted,” Carl continues to be involved in ministry opportunities around the Central Florida area with groups like Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Intervarsity and Baptist Campus Ministry. To that same end, Carl has been serving as a professor of History at Valencia Community College since 2002.

chrisChris Kutcher – When Carl first started his student ministry at First Baptist Winter Park, he was drawn to an outgoing and charismatic young 14 year old Chris. Chris, being raised by a single mother, had a mutual love of guitar, and when Carl invited him to help create a youth-led worship band, Chris jumped at the chance. Over the years, Chris would develop a deep love of worship while at the same time learning to lead others. Besides the love of worship, his main offering in skill to the leadership team is in connection with others, a true “people person” who makes others easily feel welcome and valued. Chris joined Numinous at the first public worship service in March 2000, joining the worship team a few months after that. In addition to leading worship, Chris serves as the Youth Pastor and Graphic Designer at Numinous. Chris married Kelly Anderson in 2005, and they have a son, Zander.


matthew_familyMatthew Porter – a Central Florida native, Matthew and Carl met when Matthew was starting college at Valencia Community College. Matthew was a mainstay in the college portion of the Student Ministry Carl led at First Baptist Winter Park. Matthew eventually received his college degree at Samford University in Birmingham, AL with a major in Journalism/Mass Comm. An amazing script writer and director, Matthew is called “the most innovative person that I know” by Carl. Matthew’s gifts lie in exhortation, whether in more gentle encouragement or the sometimes necessary stronger admonishment. Carl asked Matthew to join Numinous as a key leader when the idea was still a dream; after college, he moved back to Central Florida in 1998 and began to join Carl in prayer for what God may want Numinous to become. Matthew married Stephanie Hill in 2002; they have four children: two sons, Asher and Jax, and two daughters, Emmalyn and Kensley.


DChris Delaney – Chris, who Carl started calling “D” back in 1993-94 when there were several other “Chrises” in the student ministry, has the gifting of a prophet. A bold, “black and white” person who can easily discern God’s perspective for another, he has learned to bring his love of people into a softer delivery of the Word. D is often one of the key speakers at fluid, tying in his prophetic voice along with his hunger for the Bible. D was the first person other than Kim to hear the title “Numinous” when Carl shared it with him, asking for prayer about direction during the summer of 1998. Shortly after that, Carl began to hold prayer vigils on Friday nights, and D, along with Matthew, Kim and a few others would join to seek direction from God. D married Sarah Wilson in 2007, and they have two children: a son, Malachi and a daughter, Abigail.

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