Chesterton’s Hint about the Great Crisis

Or, maybe I could just call it Chesterton’s Insight on War. However, in his writing about the history of man, when he is writing about war, he has actually presented a new, and useful, insight to my hypothesis about the Philosophical Divide.   What I have proposed is that as a Great Crisis comes, part […]


Wednesday History Note: Jimmy Carter

“I would like to have my frequent prayer answered that God let my life be meaningful in the enhancement of His Kingdom and that my life might be meaningful in the enhancement of the lives of my fellow human beings. That I might help translate the natural love that exists in this world and do […]


My Special Girl

Tomorrow is the birthday of my lovely daughter, Meryn.  She turns 18.  Hard for me to fathom.  Seems like yesterday she was sitting in my lap for this picture.  Fun, silly, sassy, and a little bit crazy….of course, she’s still these things but in a very different way.  Now, she’s basically an adult who is […]

Are We Carthage?

Maybe the USA is more like Carthage than Rome.   From the onset of our country, many have worked to connect our history with that of the Roman Republic. The great Roman hero Cincinatus was celebrated by Washington as he and others formed a society in 1783 in order to (as their current website says […]


Wednesday History Note: Samuel Johnson

“Of the decline of reputation many cause nay be assigned. It is commonly lost because it never was deserved; and was conferred at first, not by the suffrages of criticism, but by the fondness of friendship, or servility of flattery. The great and popular are very freely applauded; but all soon grow weary of echoing […]


The Uniqueness of Those Around You

I just got back from the movies with my family, and like many in America, we saw Pixar’s Inside Out. I’d say by now you know already that it’s a movie about emotions. As usual for Pixar, it was a strong presentation of an idea.   As Ed Catmull has said in his wonderful book Creativity […]


Wednesday History Note: Jackie Robinson

“Life is not a spectator sport. If you’re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you’re wasting your life.”   I just love these quotes about life, and I love Jackie Robinson, so since yesterday was the All-star game, this is apt.  Don’t sit in […]


Chersterton on Myths

One of my favorite theologians, C.S. Lewis claimed that his own journey to Christianity was most deeply influenced by G. K Chesterton.  Lewis said ““The case for Christianity in general is well given by Chesterton; and I tried to do something in my Broadcast Talks.””    Later, in a private letter, Lewis said ““Have you tried […]


That Voice In Your Head

Yesterday I was helping a student prepare for our upcoming final.  He’s an “A” student with little to truly worry about, but in showing his passion for excellence, he builds stress and anxiety wishing for near-perfection.  It’s something those with a deep desire to accomplish have.  It drives you.  It’s what makes those “A” students […]


Wednesday History Note: Ronald Reagan

“Let us join together, Americans all, throughout our land. Let us join together, in factories and farms, in homes and offices, in places of governance and places of worship, and in outposts everywhere that service men and women defend us. Let us, young and old, join together, as did the First Continental Congress, in the […]